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OH makes for Optimal Health* Formulated from ingredients that have been
traditionally used to help alleviate:
  • Skin
  • Combat Stress*
  • Weight Control*
  • Reduce Bloat*
  • Reduce Appetite*
  • Natural Energy*


The scienticially formulated GUMMIES for GUT health.
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This is not
just a gummy.

We know a thing or two about Probiotics, and we think they just might hold the secret to solving a whole lot of the challenges we face today. For our Probiotic gummies, our laboratory team reverse-engineered a professional grade formula of bacteria with the highest potency.

Formulated to target bacteria that disrupt the gut microbiome. Our gummies offer high levels of active cultures from 18 medicinal strains to help restore the healthy composition and function of the gut microbiome. Our gummies lend benefits that promote optimal health the modern world demands. All the magic of a small gummy, without any of the worry.

Health Benefits of Probiotics
Probiotics benefits includes digestive health, fight antibiotics resistance, promote mood & memory, strengthen immunity, healthy hair, skin, & nails, increase energy, prevent skin irritation, promote healthy cholesterol, fight toxins & pathogens, and support liver function.

3rd Party Accredited
Laboratory Tested

3rd Party Accredited Laboratory Tested


Frequently Asked Questions

We go above and beyond when it comes to testing because we believe you deserve to know what you’re putting in your body and why. Testing every batch of Ohbiotics+ isn’t a requirement, but at Ohbiotics we think it should be. That’s why we do our own rigorous testing on each batch.

Each batch of Ohbiotics+ is tested for identity, purity, strength, and composition, so we can be sure that what’s on the label is what’s in the gummy. We also complete third-party testing to help ensure our products are compliant with regulations and guidelines for heavy metals, microbes and major allergens and to help assure the quality and safety of our products.

Take one gummy daily, with or without food. No refrigeration required.

Daily use supports a balanced gut microbiome. Probiotics are only able to stay in the gut for a few days/weeks at a time and consistent use helps support the benefits of the clinically-studied probiotic strains.

No, Ohbiotics can be stored next to your multivitamins on the shelf. The bottle is designed with moisture-control technology to protect probiotic strains without refrigeration needed.

When first starting Ohbiotics+, your gut microbiome may need time to adjust. You may experience side effects such as minor gas, bloating or stomach rumbling, which should subside with ongoing use. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms continue after two weeks.

Some may feel effects within 2-4 weeks of consistent use, others may not feel any effects. Just because you do not feel it, does not mean Ohbiotics+ is not working.

You're free to cancel your subscription, at any time, by emailing our support team. You’re in control.

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